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Pine Grove Auto Sales is a premier used car dealership in Pine Grove, PA. Our friendly sales staff looks forward to helping you find a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and budget. Our Schuylkill facility is conveniently positioned directly outside of Philadelphia. We host a wide selection of used cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s paired with wholesale price tags. Every vehicle in our inventory goes through a detailed inspection, providing our customers peace of mind. Shop our online inventory of popular brands, and high demand 2015/2016 body styles including Ford F150’s, GMC Yukon’s, Dodge Ram’s, Jeep Wrangler’s, and Chevrolet Suburban’s or swing by our dealership for a test drive.

Whether you are looking to sell your used car, trade-in, or simply make a purchase the Pine Grove Auto Sales team is here to help you. Our knowledgeable team successfully handles the following departments at Pine Grove Auto Sales, including vehicle maintenance and service repair, towing, notary, bad credit financing, and internet sales. We’ve earned the nickname of “Your One Stop Shop” by continuously delivering exceptional customer service to the Pine Grove community. The success of our family owned dealership is owed to the genuine connection we create with every customer, creating repeat business. The Pine Grove Sales team is excited to answer your questions and help make your car selling and buying process simple and stress-free.

Are you curious about the value or worth of your car? Pine Grove Auto Sales is the quick and hassle-free way to sell your car. Here’s how simple it is: First, simply fill in the details of your vehicle on our user friendly form. Next, we will contact you and that’s it! You will promptly receive your vehicle offer, with no obligation! We want to buy your, our offer is not contingent upon selling you a car or you using your car as trade-in; this is a simple cash offer.

Life gets in the way and low credits are the result, the Pine Grove team completely understands and we want to help you. Bad credit or no credit customers are always welcome. For several years, our finance experts have made it their mission to think outside the box and assist customers with bad credit get approved for the car of their dreams. There are many ways to qualify for our used car financing options through our various banking partners as well as our in-house buy here pay here (BHPH) financing to better serve all of our customers. Get a used car loan in less than 3 minutes; our guaranteed auto financing program offers an assortment of car financing options. Use the menu above to browse our current inventory and learn more about us. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 570-345-2556



  • 5 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage From Your SUV
    Red Fiat SUV - Pine Grove Auto Sales of Pine Grove, PA

    Image via Flickr by automobileitalia

    When you need to move big items, drive around some friends, or venture onto less than stellar roads, an SUV is a great choice. The biggest problem most people have with an SUV is their less than fantastic gas mileage. Although you’ll likely never get exceptional mileage, there are a few things you can do to help you save.

    Get Rid of Extra Weight

    Although SUVs are known for being able to lug all sorts of heavy items around, the extra weight makes your vehicle work harder to gain momentum. Carriers that attach to the top of a vehicle are even worse, for they also mess with its aerodynamics. Accordingly, if possible, it’s better to use a carrier that you can stick on the back of your vehicle instead. When your carrier isn’t in use, remove it so that it’s not weighing you down or holding you back. (more…)
  • 4 Ways Car Owners in Pine Grove Can Get Ready for Fall
    Open Car Truck - Pine Grove Auto Sales

    Image via Flickr by Highwaysengland

    October is Fall Car Care Month, and with the winter looming right around the corner, it’s important to get your car ready for the possibility of inclement weather. In Pine Grove, the weather can get downright nasty during this time, so it’s even more important to ensure the drivability and integrity of your vehicle. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some tips to get your vehicle ready for the fall.

    Check Your Antifreeze Level

    In the summer, some motorists prefer to keep their car cooled with water, but in the fall, this isn’t an option. When temperatures plummet, the water freezes and can potentially damage the internal components of the vehicle. (more…)
  • How to Keep Your Truck Looking New
    Red Ford Truck - Pine Grove Auto Sales

    Image via Flickr by Stradablog

    Truck owners are a proud lot. We love being seen as robust and sturdy. Naturally, we want our trucks to reinforce that image. That means protecting them from scratched paint, chipped windows, and other damage that can occur over time.

    Bath Time

    It goes without saying that your truck needs regular washing. And if you want the best for it, driving through an automated car wash isn’t enough. Trucks see more debris and spatters than the average car. They deserve a little personal attention in return. Invest in a sponge and soap formulated for vehicles. Once a week or after every “dirty drive,” give that truck the hand-and-hose treatment from roof to undercarriage. (more…)