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Pine Grove Auto Sales the trusted used car dealership your friends and family shop at when they are in the market for a new vehicle. Our Schuylkill facility is conveniently positioned directly outside of Philadelphia. We host a wide selection of Pre-Owned Cars, Trucks, Vans, Hatchbacks, Crossovers and SUV’s paired with wholesale price tags. Check out our online inventory of in-demand body styles including Ford F150’s, GMC Yukon’s, Dodge Ram’s, Jeep Wrangler’s, and Chevrolet Suburban’s or come by for a test drive. Bad credit or no credit customers are always welcome. Here at Pine Grove Auto Sales we think outside the box, helping the Schuylkill community get approved for the car of their dreams.  We have many lenders available to assist us with all types of credit including our Guaranteed Auto Financing Program which can have you approved in under 5 minutes.  If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 570-345-2556



  • Try These 3 Parks in Pine Grove
    Pine Grove, PA is surrounded by beautiful scenery, which means it’s a wonderful place to visit parks. The expansive parks around Pine Grove offer lots of amenities for picnics, camping, and fun. They’re wonderful places to take kids for outdoor recreation, and great spots for adults to have adventures, too. Even in winter, you can hike in a snowy landscape or a enjoy cross-country skiing at these locations.

    Pine Grove Furnace State Park

    Image via Flickr by amberdegrace

    Image via Flickr by amberdegrace

    One of the most versatile and exciting park locations in Pine Grove is Pine Grove Furnace State Park. This park boasts almost 700 acres and offers a wide range of activities all year round. Swim in one of two mountain lakes, bike on two miles of trails, and recharge with a pavilion picnic. Hike the famous Appalachian trail or endure the rocky trek up to Pole Steeple Overlook for a panoramic view of the park. During winter, you can ice skate on Laurel Lake or explore the snowy forest with cross-country skis or by snowmobile. The park also has a historic area and campgrounds. Pine Grove Furnace State Park is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year. Picnic tables and pavilions are available year-round. Other areas may be seasonal. Find the main office at 1100 Pine Grove Road in Gardners, PA.  

    Sweet Arrow Lake County Park

    At 108 Clubhouse Road in Pine Grove, PA, you’ll find Sweet Arrow Lake County Park. This scenic park offers beautiful water and landscape views to all who visit. It’s a family friendly place, including a Family Fun Fishing event, boat rentals, disc golf, and more. Catch a glimspe of majestic trumpeter swans or bring the family on a hike of the park’s numerous trails, where you can look for specific native flora and identify birds like the bald eagle. Like most parks, Sweet Arrow Lake County Park opens at sunrise and closes at sunset.

    Swatara State Park

    Image via Flickr by jasonb42882

    Image via Flickr by jasonb42882

    Plan your visit to Swatara State Park before you get there, because this park is gigantic. Over 3,500 acres of land make up this beautiful tribute to nature. Most areas of the park are open sunrise to sunset all year long, though specific areas might have different hours. You can find out at the park office, at 1450 Suedberg Road in Pine Grove. Swatara State Park has enough activities to fill a week, and lots of adventure for people who can’t get enough of the outdoors. Twenty-four miles of hiking trails will have you exploring beautiful corners of the Swatara Valley. If you have a kayak or a canoe, Swatara Creek offers tranquil boating opportunities. More than 14 miles of regular bike trails, and 28 miles of mountain bike trails, are at your disposal as well. For a serene activity, head to Cook Forest where you’ll be in the midst of 300-year-old trees. Parks as versatile as these three locations provide you with lots to do when you visit, whether you want to stay for a tranquil afternoon or spend a weekend camping. Bring your kids, walk your dogs, or go on an adventure to see parts of Pennsylvania you’ve never experienced before.  
  • The Woods in Your Car Decor
    Nothing screams luxury more than glossy wood trim in a car. It adds richness and opulence and plenty of extra dollars to the price tag. And although wood trim fell out of favor when vinyl and plastic became the material of choice, in recent years real wood in cars has made a comeback. But all wood does not come equal. The type of wood and thickness all influence a car’s price. Here are some of the most common woods used in cars.


    Wood Car Interiors - Pine Grove Auto Sales

    Image via Flickr by Santix_24

  • How Drifting Works
    With a burgeoning race scene so powerful that it gets films named after it, drift racing is definitely an up-and-comer in the racing world. This exciting style pits high-performance machines against physics and skill in a breathtaking struggle for control. If you’d like to learn more about the drift style, read on.

    What Is It?

    Image via Flickr by SuperCar-RoadTrip.fr

    Image via Flickr by SuperCar-RoadTrip.fr