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The 3 Best All-Wheel Drive Cars for Pine Grove

Maybe you enjoy driving through the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania and you need a little something extra to keep you on the road. Maybe you make regular trips down to Reading or Allentown, and you’d rather avoid ending up in a highway ditch halfway to anywhere in the middle of a blizzard. Whatever the case,… Read more »

The Woodie: Not Just Wagons

On June 20th, 1991, the last woodie in regular production rolled off the assembly line. It was a Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and like other woodies before, it had side panels made with laminate that resembled the actual wood panels common in midcentury American cars. The woodie took off in the late 1960s and finally fizzled… Read more »

3 Best Four-Door Cars for $10K

Four-door sedans are a practical choice that families love. It’s much easier for passengers to get in and out of a sedan than a hatchback and parents and grandparents have a much easier job fitting car seats into the back. Four-door sedans are also typically more affordable than hatchbacks so they’re a great option for… Read more »

Welcome to our New Dealer Blog

Welcome to our Pine Grove Auto Sales dealership blog! We were inspired to create this dealership blog to share our car knowledge and auto industry insights. We’re excited for the opportunity to get more involved in social media and connect with our customers. This blog will be the foundation of our customer outreach efforts. Of… Read more »