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Try These 3 Parks in Pine Grove

Pine Grove, PA is surrounded by beautiful scenery, which means it’s a wonderful place to visit parks. The expansive parks around Pine Grove offer lots of amenities for picnics, camping, and fun. They’re wonderful places to take kids for outdoor recreation, and great spots for adults to have adventures, too. Even in winter, you can… Read more »

The Woods in Your Car Decor

Nothing screams luxury more than glossy wood trim in a car. It adds richness and opulence and plenty of extra dollars to the price tag. And although wood trim fell out of favor when vinyl and plastic became the material of choice, in recent years real wood in cars has made a comeback. But all wood… Read more »

How Drifting Works

With a burgeoning race scene so powerful that it gets films named after it, drift racing is definitely an up-and-comer in the racing world. This exciting style pits high-performance machines against physics and skill in a breathtaking struggle for control. If you’d like to learn more about the drift style, read on. What Is It?